Young children growing into Powerful, Determined and Happy Achievers…
Sounds like a Parent’s Dream Come True?
Well, this Can Happen…and WE can help YOU, make it Happen!

Can children be inspired to become achievers at a young age? Absolutely! This is the belief held by experts such as Dr. David McLelland and the philosophy on which we have built Poiesis, an organization focusing on orienting and guiding young children on their journey towards becoming achievers.

Poiesis is an institution focusing on child development, established with the objective of motivating young people towards Accomplishment. 'Poiesis' is a Greek word meaning 'to create/ to make'. This word was first a verb depicting 'An action that transforms and continues the world.' Our guiding philosophy is to contribute to society by developing our young children and youth into Powerful, Determined and Happy Achievers.


Mrs. Beena Handa

Founder Director and Head

An Alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad, Mrs. Beena Handa is a human resource development professional having a vast experience in the field of learning and development of individuals as well as organization building. She has also been a faculty to various training programs for many organizations and a visiting faculty for over 7 years at IIM-Ahmedabad. She closely works with and guides parents and children who come to Poiesis.


As parents and individuals, we all might have wondered –
"What is it that is different in Achievers?
What is it that makes them stand out?
How are they so successful?"

Poiesis has the answers…
Motivation can be defined as the driving force behind all the actions of an individual.
Intrinsic motivation is the internal desire and determination to seek out new things and new challenges, to analyze one's capacity, to observe and to gain knowledge and solicit feedback for improvements.. Intrinsic motivation is long-lasting and self-sustaining.
At Poiesis, we help children sustain and develop their intrinsic motivation and make them self-confident and achievement oriented.


Inspired more than 2500 children to become young achievers & leaders, during our journey since 2008.


At Poiesis, we

Help children attain fulfillment and happiness through Personal Achievement.

Inculcate the confidence and aspiration to excel in young children.

Promote learning along with an element of fun, making the time spent with us enjoyable and memorable for young children.

Have successfully inspired over 2500 young achievers and leaders towards achievement, during our journey since 2008.


Children’s Feedback

The Explorer – Smarter Habits, Greater Joy

I will speak in an audible voice, so everyone can understand properly.

Aarush Singhvi
The Visionary - Building future Achievers

I have planned few goals for future. I have also learnt to manage time easily and learnt interesting things about achievers.

Hardav Raval
The Leader – One Step Ahead

I was very aggressive and thought that I am the only one who can do this. But after coming to this programme, I think that each member is important and are capable of doing the jobs.

Vishesh Shah
The Thinker – Creative and Mindful

After coming here, I have learnt to take right decisions and how to reduce stress. This is very helpful to me in my life.

Vatsal Shah

Parent's Feedback

The Explorer – Smarter Habits, Greater Joy

My daughter has become fond of reading. I find her reading quietly in her room. She told me that the teacher has asked them to watch T.V. for two hours maximum. She is more polite now.

Gitanjali Malhotra, Mother of Anahitaa Malhotra
The Visionary - Building future Achievers

I have seen lots of change in Devam. Before he joined this program, he was getting very angry, but now he is more mature and more disciplined in his work and more confident.

Rupal Shah, Mother of Devam Shah
The Leader – One Step Ahead

Kathan has shown curiosity towards readings which is a great plus. His exposure or other topics has also widened which is good for his performance. Very positive. I like the experiential method of teaching.

Nikhil Raval, Father of Kathan Raval
The Thinker – Creative and Mindful

I think my child has gained a lot from this program. Now he is more focused on his work and thinks more before replying. His thinking is more stable and in positive direction. This is good for his future.

Dhiren Shah, Father of Yash Shah

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The Explorer - Smarter Habits, Greater Joy

The Visionary - Building future Achievers

The Leader - One Step Ahead

The Thinker - Creative and Mindful

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Life-changing Experiences

The study of success stories of great people show that their childhood experiences have played a significant role in shaping their thoughts, beliefs and aspirations. We create 'Moments of Truth' and 'Learning' through place visits, face to face with achievers and film-shows.

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We organize several short term workshops for children, parents and for both of them together, having multiple objectives like acquiring knowledge, learning newer skills and also social skills.

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The Explorer
Smarter Habits, Greater Joy


The Visionary
Building Future Achievers


The Leader
One Step Ahead Program


The Thinker
Creative and Mindful