Poiesis is an institution focusing on child development, established with the objective of motivating young people towards Accomplishment. ‘Poiesis’ is a Greek word meaning ‘to create/ to make’. This word was first a verb depicting ‘An action that transforms and continues the world.’  Our guiding philosophy is to contribute to society by developing our young children and youth into Powerful, Determined and Happy Achievers.

While deciding to work with children, we asked ourselves whether it is possible to inspire them to become Achievers at a young age. “Yes”, is the answer, if we go by specialists such as David McClelland and the motivational impact of crystallizing experiences of our achievers at a very young age. We, at Poiesis, provide a platform to children for developing confidence and aspiration to excel in life through our programs.

Poiesis was started on April 29, 2008. So far, around 2245 children have benefited from our programs. As ‘Retaining the element of Fun’ is one of our values, children have not only enjoyed their time with us, but have also revisited to learn more. To quote their firm belief, “There is no age bar to being an achiever. It can be at our age also.”